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How to identify the best POS system for your repair shop

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Starting your own repair shop is an achievement that warrants a pat on the back. But as a business owner, getting a strong foothold in the market becomes essential. 

The primary focus of any shop owner is to generate the maximum amount of revenue possible. The higher the better. But how can you focus on your business growth, if you’re already bogged down managing the day-to-day’s?

Having to manually sort out the invoices and tickets leaves a heavy toll. Now imagine having to manually calculate your monthly revenue, create tax reports, and evaluate your employee’s payrolls and the most crucial: inventory management.

What’s a POS System & its Benefits?

A POS system, or a Point of Sale System, is basically a blended mechanism of hardware and software to help alleviate the manual labor work you’ll be indulged with.

In short, the system is there to facilitate your day-to-day operations and streamline business growth opportunities.

Primarily, these software solutions consist of a hardware module that runs the POS software. These can include a computer, a customer-facing terminal, a scanner, a printer, and any other devices utilized to run the point-of-sale software. 

Basically, these systems track and organize all the information your repair store has to offer, and makes sense of them so you don’t have to. 

The automation of any business operations can become a huge hurdle. Your POS system can easily sort this out for you!

There are other major benefits of the system too. A cell phone repair shop software makes it very easy to manage several aspects of your repair business. 

Significantly systemize your day-to-day tasks using these software. Moreover, use the information provided by the system to generate more revenue. 

Now that we’ve covered what makes a POS system so great, let’s take a look at its most beneficial features that can help your repair shop.

You’ll witness numerous advantages when you get yourself a POS system. We’ve listed down the most crucial features that’ll encourage you to also get a cell phone repair shop software. 

The beneficial features are as follows:

Seamlessly Manage Your Inventory

Integrating your POS system with a repair shop software helps you conveniently track the stock levels you have in your inventory. It further allows you to manage the inventory items in real-time. Meaning, you’ll always know which of your inventory items need restocking. 

Another benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to manually tally your monthly item usage. The software will automatically analyze your best-selling items, and also reveal the ones that are slow selling, within any given period of time. 

Use a POS software to manage your inventory so you don’t have to do any manual work. Let the software do all this for you! 

In case you’re restocking an item that already exists in your catalog, using the software’s functionality you just have to simply scan to add. 

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Some POS systems also allow shop owners to restock inventory in a serialized manner. This means that you have full control over your inventory management, without the need of physically visiting the warehouse.

Or having to go through a manual tally to update the item count. This way, you get to save a lot of time and reduce the chances of errors. 

Another benefit is automatic inventory updates. Meaning, whenever you generate a ticket using your POS system, the items included therein, are automatically subtracted from your inventory. 

This makes it much easier for a shop owner to track which items are in stock.

Ticketing & Invoicing

A cell phone repair shop software automatically tracks and saves all your invoices so you can also check them out at any later stage. Easily understand which of your repair services are profitable and which are going in loss using support software solutions. 

Conveniently find out the number of monthly sales with the single click of a button! 

Opposite to creating manual spreadsheet entries, you can easily create various categories of the services you’re offering in the POS software. This helps sort invoicing faster and makes it  much easier to calculate the profitability of each category. 

For instance, you can introduce several categories within your repair store. These may include the total number of sales, number of returns, or which item needs restocking etc.

Another benefit of invoice management is that you stay aware of all your sales operations. That is that you always have a sales proof to counter any disputes customers throw your way. 

Going about all the aforementioned steps manually will surely cost you a lot of time.

Getting your hands on a repair shop software will enable you to take advantage of the automation features and help your business grow.

Quick Checkout Process 

The faster you make the payment process, the more time your employees get to complete repair tasks.

Getting yourself a POS system will help reduce the queuing at your checkout counter. 

For instance, if an employee creates a ticket, they can select it to generate an invoice. All done within a few clicks! 

Improving your customer’s experience should be your top priority. Having a fast checkout process enables you to get instant reviews and upsell opportunities using a customer facing display. 

Additionally, you can also offer a self-checkout option for off-the-shelf items like accessories. 

This integration reduces the workload of your employees and better usage of official hours. 

Another benefit of using a repair shop software is that you can also send invoices and estimates to customers via emails or sms. On spot printing of invoicing is also possible with a receipt printer. 

All these aforementioned features make the checkout process quick and less time-consuming. 

All in all, getting yourself a POS system allows you to run your repair store in a better way and enhance its performance. It helps you improve business operations to manage growth opportunities.

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