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The Era of Basketball Game 

by Ben Abbot
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The history of basketball game traced back to the nineteenth century in Canada. The Canadian James Naismith was 31 years old when he wanted to keep players indoors by intruding less hazardous than soccer. In the twentieth century, the game got fame and first spread widely in America and then in other parts of the world.  

What it actually is? 

Basketball game is a sport that is played by two teams at a time. Usually, there are five players on each team and their ground is rectangular in shape. Each team tries to make it to the hoop of the other to throw the ball there while the opponent prevents this attack.   

Rectangular Court 

The ground on which basketball is played is rectangular in shape which is why it is called a rectangular court. The rectangular court is divided by a half-court line or division line for both teams. `The basket court is usually 49 feet wider and 92 feet long which made its area around 4508 feet square, but some courts are even larger with an area of 4520.43 feet square. There is also a restraining circle in the middle of the division line where the game gets started. There are two sidelines and two baselines which make the rectangle shape of the basketball court. Hashmark or thrown-in lines are four in number and present in the middle left and right side of the side lines and middle division line. There is also an arc in the court which started from the baseline and ends parallel to the throw-in lines. There are two arcs, and these arcs are opposite each other in direction. After entering the arc one can see the circle which is divided into two halves is called the foul line or free throw line. It means if one passes this line then he or she would commit a foul or one can throw the ball from there cautiously. Free- throw circle is actually the first half of the circle. After proceeding toward the second circle one can notice a semi-circle and basketball hoop and basket where the ball is supposed to be thrown to get the two points. The basket is attached to a wood that is square in shape known as the backboard. The backboard is supported by a steel pipe that is round in shape with a diameter of around 14 to 166 mm. 

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How does the Basketball game start? 

The referee throws the ball high in the center of the basketball court and one player from each team tries to get possession of the ball to proceed towards the opponent’s hoop and make points.  

Basket-Ball Scoring 

From the free-throw line, a ball that makes it to the basket and fills the hole is considered two points but free three-point line such action is awarded as three points. The three-point line is an arc line from where some talented players throw the ball directly into the hoop. When the player commits a foul, the umpire stops the time. The opponent team is given free throw subsequently the time is resumed, there are usually four rounds in the basketball with variable duration for women it is 10 minutes but for men, it is 20. The team with the maximum number of points wins the game. In case the game gets tied then there is extra time given by the umpire for the productive result.  

Procedure of Playing  

In basketball, the players run or jump with the ball while bouncing it constantly on the floor. If the player fails to bounce the ball while walking, running, or jumping then a foul is considered. The opponent tries to steal the ball to make it for their use. Stealing is actually considered a defense technique while the offense techniques are jumping shots, dunks, etc.  

The International Basketball Federation  

The International Basketball Federation is known as Fédération Internationale de basket-ball in French. This is an organization that organizes basketball tournaments, leagues, and games for both men and women across the globe. It also sets the rules of basketball and thus these rules are Accepted around the world. 213 nations are the members of International Basketball Fédération.   

Why Basketball should be played more often?  

It is important to play basketball because it keeps us energic with a sound mind. This can also help one who has trouble to get asleep at night. We need to encourage our youth and even old adults to play basketball to stay healthy and sound 

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