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Best Baby Bottle Nipple

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Baby Bottle Nipple

The wide-neck nipple is made of soft, 100% silicone and was designed in collaboration with medical practitioners to assist babies in naturally latching on. The breast-like shape motivates a proper latch, which results in a more complete experience for the baby when using the bottle. Ideal for transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding and vice versa!

With seven different nipple flow tiers from which to choose, you’ll have no trouble finding the optimal flow rate for your child.

Provides a flow rate that is suitable for nursing mothers BPA-free, safe for use in the dishwasher (top rack), as well as sterilizer-safe


  1. Due to the design, the infant is unable to take in additional air, which reduces the amount of gas and burping that occurs, which in turn reduces the amount of spitting up that occurs.
  2.  Absence of any type of traces of BPA that means you don’t have to worry at all.
  3. Plastic that is both well made and of high quality. They are sturdy without being rigid, resistant to breaking, and comfortable to hold.
  4. Excellent heat transfer for rewarming cold bottles (to do this, we fill a glass with hot water and place it around the bottle; the glass should be slightly larger in perimeter than the bottle). Simply add about a half a glass of hot water to the bottle, cap it, and let it sit for a moment or two before using it. After that, you’ll be good to go. No messes to clean up, and if you really want the bottle to be a little bit hotter, you can simply repeat the process with a little bit that much hot water).
  5. Nipples that are interchangeable; you can reuse the bottle, but as your child gets older, you can switch out the nipple.
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