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The DIY Guide to Joel Goodson Risky Business Costume

by Ben Abbot

One of the most important characters in the comedy film Risky Business is a guy named Joel Goodson. He is the main character of the show and a great expectation of success in school at the same time. He is a high school student. In Chicago, Joel resides with his rich parents in a palatial home that they share jointly. He is under constant pressure from his family of doing well in school, particularly from his father, who is eager for him to finish high school and enroll at Princeton University. Hence, because his parents were away on vacation, Joel was finally able to let go, and the results were comically disastrous. This post serves as a guide for creating a Joel Goodson risky business costume. 

The Best Ideas for a Joel Goodson Cosplay from the Movie “Risky Business” 

During his career in the films, Joel Goodson has been in a wide variety of roles, which has required him to wear a wide variety of costumes and one of them is the risky business costume. He never wears the same thing again since he likes to adapt his look to whatever he’s doing at the moment. On the other hand, Joel Goodson’s character wears a number of hilarious and instantly recognizable ensembles during the course of the film, which moviegoers are sure to recall whenever they consider of the character. This guide outlines one of the most memorable costumes worn by Joel Goodson, which is the one in which he wore nothing below his underpants. 

The white long-sleeved polo is a representation of the red university striped oxford cotton button-down shirt that the character worn in the films. The shirt was buttoned down the front and had oxford cotton. The white underwear shorts that the character was used only wearing inside the scene would also be included in the costume set, as the person was the only one seen wearing them in the moment. There is a pair of white socks as well as a pair of black sunglasses that are part of the set. The ensemble is finished off with a candle holder made of gold, that Joel repurposed into a mic because he was acting out the scene. 

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On the exterior, Joel Goodson appears to be the model student any high school should strive to have. He is wealthy and gorgeous, as well as intelligent, and he excels academically. In point of fact, though, he is no different from any other student his age at the high school. Even though he always worries that he won’t receive high grades or scores on his tests, he still needs to celebrate himself as much as possible. But the pressure he feels to perform up to the standards set by his parents compels him to put greater effort into his schoolwork. It gives the impression that the character is constantly under pressure and a little bit upset. 

Because of this, he took advantage of the fact that his parents were going on vacation so that he could let loose and to have a good time. In spite of the fact that there were a great number of things that failed, in the end things turned out all right. When Joel finally gave in to his wild side, he gave the character numerous of the famous clothes that people would remember about him. Fans of the film have always had Joel Goodson as their go-to cosplay choice if they wish to dress up in risky business costume from the comedy film. This is because of the reason stated in the previous sentence. When you look at the images of people doing cosplay, you’ll notice that the character’s outfit is almost always hilarious or worthy of oohs and aahs. Because of this, he is an excellent choice for Halloween parties as well as movie events. 

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