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Love of Kill (Koroshi Ai) Review

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If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, you may have heard of the manga series, “Love of Kill.” The manga series has been licensed for North American release by Yen Press. In this review, I’ll talk about the characters and the Anime version of the series. You might be wondering, “Is this anime worth watching?”

Anime version of koroshi ai

The anime adaptation of the Fe’s Love of Kill manga is currently in development, and is slated for a 2022 release. The story follows two professional hitmen, Ryang-Ha and Chateau. The two work together secretly, and eventually become allies. The romance between the two isn’t overly developed, and the backstories of the characters aren’t revealed until later in the series. Despite the gloomy plot lines, fans of this manga will probably find themselves smiling throughout the series.

The manga’s Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger, and this could mean that the anime will conclude there. The second season, meanwhile, will follow Jim and Ryang-Ha, along with a new ally. The anime series was produced by Studio Platinum Vision, the studio responsible for such popular anime as Devils Line, Servamp, and Dr. Ramune. Hideaki Ooba is the director and helmer, while Ayumu Hisao wrote the script.

The first season of the anime was too slow to make up for that, and the final season stalled out for too long. The big reveal was pushed back until the climax of the first season, so that viewers would understand why Ryang-Ha wanted to take over the Chateau. However, the arc of the relationship between Chateau and Ryang-Ha started to pick up momentum after several episodes, and the intrigue and mystery surrounding it was finally unveiled.

Review of koroshi ai

The latest episode of the Platinum Vision’s Love of Kill (Koroshi Ai) product has been released on Crunchyroll Premium. Koroshi Ai is an anime series based on the manga series of the same name by Fe. The manga is currently serialized in Comic Gene. An Italian version is currently under development. The series is simulcast with the Japan broadcast and consists of 12 episodes, written by Ayumu Hisao and directed by Hideaki Oba.

The second season will be focused on the Chateau Noble, which features Jim, Ryang-Ha, and a new ally. Love of Kill was produced by Studio Platinum Vision, which is known for such anime series as Devils Line and Dr. Ramune. The manga series is directed by Hideaki Ooba, and it was written by Ayumu Hisao. You can read my review of the first season below.

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Koroshi Ai is a good anime for fans of action romance. Although it has gore and a touch of murder, the focus of the story is more on the sexual tension than the romantic aspect. The male lead is thrilling, and his intentions are both clear and unclear. It would be a shame to see the conflict in the present, only to discover it isn’t resolved. The series’ first season ends without a proper resolution.

Characters in koroshi ai

There are a number of characters in the Japanese anime series Love of Kill. The series is based on the manga series Koroshi Ai by Fe and was first released in January 2022. The plot of the series centers on two assassins, Chateau, who is a bounty hunter, and Ryang-Ha, an unknown assassin. Chateau becomes Ryang-Ha’s partner and becomes embroiled in a struggle against organizations who are hunting him. The series is also tied to Chateau’s past.

The series revolves around two main characters: a rookie bounty hunter named Chateau Dankworth, and a hitman named Song Ryang-ha. Both of these characters fall in love with each other and stalk each other. Chateau’s love interest, Song Ryang-ha, eventually saves him on numerous occasions, and he eventually falls in love with her. Donald Bachman, another hitman, threatens Song Ryang-ha.

The story of the anime followed the manga’s first season as closely as possible, with the big reveal coming at the end of Episode 12. The plot of the first season was already quite complex and involved, but the episode ends at a halfway decent point. The shared history between Ryang-Ha and the chateau helps clear up the mystery of the latter’s motivations. However, the series does not resolve the conflict in the present, despite the fact that this conflict was first outlined in the manga.

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