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How Supplements Can Help Weight Gain in Horses

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Gaining weight is not easy for horses. But if you change the food pattern according to the needs of your horse, there will be no reason to gain weight. If you want to see your horse healthy and active, you should prepare the feeding plan.

Many people take suggestions and recommendations from everyone who owns horses. But these things don’t work every time if you don’t think according to your horse’s condition and breed. Here in the following blog, we will talk about the ways in which your horse can get sufficient weight within a short time effectively.

Change Feeding Pattern

Horse feeding pattern matters. So, if you have a hard keeper, and you know, it couldn’t gain weight easily. Besides that, it will lose weight quickly. So, you have to change the feeding pattern of your horse. If you eat it two times in a day, you have to feed it three times in a day. Because such a breed needs more attention.

On the other hand, you can board your horse. With the help of a board agreement, your horse can improve its weight easily. Because they can provide professional attention and the best horse feed for weight gain.

Use weight Gain Supplements

You can find various weight gain supplements in the market. Remember one thing, not all supplements can be used for weight gain. Most of the supplements are used for high-performance horses. But you should check your horse with professional vets. They can recommend the best-fit supplement for your horse.

Before providing the supplements, make sure your horse is getting enough food such as hay and grain. For instance, if it is not eating too much hay, you should first work on its metabolism functionality. After a proper medical examination, you can use supplements for your horse.

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Change Exercises of Horse

Exercise is important to get proper fitness. So, mostly exercise can help you lose weight. But you have to change the exercise of your horse to gain weight. You know about many exercises for horses, but sometimes, they don’t work properly. Because you don’t know about the technicality of the exercise. So, you should take the help of vets. They can suggest the best weight gain exercise for the horse.

Understand Reasons for Weight Loss

Horses don’t lose weight without reason. You should catch those reasons. Sometimes, due to illness, your horse loses weight and you don’t know what is happening with it from previous days. So, if you observe sudden change in the weight of the horse, you should consult with the professional vets.

They give a proper medical check to your horse. In this way, they can identify the major reasons for weight loss. When you know the reason for weight loss, you should work on it. It would be best for you if you hand over your horse to the professional hands for a couple of days. They can take good care of your horse.

If your horse is losing weight or not gaining weight, you must follow the above-picked steps. These measures will help in gaining weight from your horse.

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