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5 Simple Job Search Tips You Shouldn’t Forget

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5 Simple Job Search Tips

Job searching can be stressful, especially when you have limited experience in the field. But don’t worry—we’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of simple tips that will make your search easier and more effective.

1. Identify Your Top Three Requirements.

Setting your sights on the top three companies and positions you want to work for is an important first step in the job search process. 

It helps you focus on what’s most important to you while providing plenty of opportunities to consider all options.

Focus on the top three skills you want to develop before looking for a new job or promotion (or when determining whether or not it’s time for a change).

Identify the top three goals that will drive your success in the next few months, and then create a plan for how this can be achieved by working backward from those objectives as early as possible.

When you work with the power of three, it keeps things simpler and keeps you on track. It helps you to identify your priorities and ensure you get them from the position for which you are applying.

To ensure that you do, its a good idea to have a professional look over your employment contract. Learn more about this process here

2. Make It Easy for the Employer to Reach You.

When applying for a job, ensure the employer won’t have difficulty getting in touch with you. Simply put, if you aren’t reachable, they will just move on to the next applicant on their list.

Put your phone number and email address in bold font on your resume.

Consider having a personal website and blog to show your work. It’s a great way to showcase some of the best content you’ve created and helps with SEO when people are looking for information about you online.

On this website and attached to your resume, include a portfolio of work that showcases what you have accomplished throughout the years.

These can be projects from school up through current capabilities and contributions at work.

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3. Look for Jobs Everywhere.

In addition to applying for jobs online, it’s also a good idea to check out job boards. Find a list of the best ones here

Many companies post their positions on various websites and social media platforms, so keep an eye out for those opportunities. 

As you’re browsing your favorite sites and apps, don’t forget about networking with people in your industry. 

Ask them if they know of any opportunities that might fit with your skills or interests. You can also ask friends, family members, and coworkers if they would be willing to serve as a reference when applying for jobs.

Job opportunities are everywhere, you just have to sniff them out!

4. Include Social Proof in Your Resume.

These days, your online social accounts are important, even to hiring managers. 

They will be looking for your accounts, whether you include them or not.

So, showcase your best social side. Include a link to your LinkedIn profile on your resume. This will let hiring managers see what skills you have and how much experience you’ve gained in previous jobs. 

If they like what they see, they might check out your other social media profiles—such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook—to learn more about who you are as a person.

When creating an online presence for yourself, don’t be afraid to share work samples with potential employers. Even if you don’t have formal training in graphic design or web development (or any other skill).

5. Be Confident and Be Yourself.

Be confident in your abilities. If you don’t believe in yourself, why should anyone else? Don’t be afraid to show that confidence during an interview and in the workplace. 

Be yourself. You’ve likely heard this tip before. This can be especially challenging if you’re interviewing for a position you feel is 

When we are comfortable with our own personalities and quirks, we are able to express ourselves freely and ask questions without worrying about being judged or evaluated differently.

Being genuine is what makes us unique—and most importantly—human! 

Be prepared for questions about anything from personal hobbies all the way down into discussing how much time off one needs after working 80 hours per week .


I hope this article has given you some good ideas on how to land that dream job. Remember, it’s not about being perfect or having the most experience—it’s about showing employers who you really are and what makes you special!

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