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Invisalign Treatment Cost & Other Important Factors Related to Treatment

by Ben Abbot

Invisalign treatment at any practice starts with an initial consultation with a specialist. Most dental practices in London offer this consultation for free. Even if few practices are known to charge for it, in most cases the amount is refunded after you have attended the consultation. Why do dentists prefer this initial consultation? Dentists utilize this face-to-face interaction to evaluate your smile, the alignment of your teeth, the formation of your jawbone, and such other things. They also click a few clinical photographs of your overall mouth using 3D scanners and digital technology. Moreover, they spend some time listening to your dreams, expectations, and concern regarding teeth straightening.

Based on all the information collected during an initial consultation a dentist assesses whether you are a suitable candidate for this treatment. If you get selected as a deserving candidate, the expert then draws up a unique and personalized treatment plan using those digital photographs of your mouth that cater to all your needs and expectations. A lot of things about starting your treatment depend on your decision to undergo the procedure. Once you decide to go ahead with it, the dental team gathers a lot of X-rays, digital impressions, and clinical photos of your teeth and the gums. These graphic representations play an important role in designing your unique treatment plan.


In this context, it is relevant to discuss a little about CLINCHECK. It is a 3D simulation of the movement of your teeth. Each of the digital photographs of your mouth and other relevant record is fed into the ground-breaking AlignTech software. Even the unique treatment plan prepared by your Invisalign expert is mapped digitally. Based on this effort the system exhibits the number of aligner sets you need to get the teeth straightened. It also tells about the additional treatments – like IPR and attachments – you may need and where. Finally, the futuristic software even shows you the predicted final results of your treatment.

Once you have foreseen exactly how and where your teeth will finally settle into and how your smile will look like, the dental team will ask you to suggest changes to the treatment plan, if any, to cater to your exact needs and expectations. If you have any changes to make, that will be fed into the system to finalize the treatment plan once and for all. Finally, you give your approval to the proposed treatment plan and the dentist places an order to the Invisalign lab to custom design your aligner trays.

Smart Track Aligners

Varieties of aligners are now there in existence. Those products are strikingly different from each other. For example, only Invisalign trays are made from a particular type of high-quality plastic called SmartTrack. As a result, this range of orthodontic aligners sits much closer to the teeth offers greater comfort to wear and can easily be easily worn and taken out time
and again.

Scheduled Checkups and Adjustments

After the aligner trays are fitted to your teeth, you will visit the practice approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. These visits are meant to ensure your treatment is going along the right track. If any minor adjustments or fine-tuning are required your dentist provides that on these occasions. There is no extra charge for these checkups. All these costs are included in the
total cost of your Invisalign treatment. If any additional treatment is required, the dentist shares detailed information about it during these scheduled checkups.

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If your Invisalign provider recommends then you have to replace your aligners every week instead of every fortnight. Thus you can achieve your desired smile as fast as in just 3 months. And thus your treatment gets over earlier at an almost 50% faster speed. Interproximal reduction or IPR and attachments

A large number of Invisalign patients require little inter proximal reduction either before or during the procedure. It is also commonly referred to as IPR and is meant to ensure the best possible results. IPR involves removing a very minute amount of tooth enamel from between the teeth. This is done using a polishing strip or disc and it aims to create greater space. This is a safe and absolutely painless procedure, somewhat like filing nails.

Attachments – on the other hand – are precision dots that are made from dental composite material and come in the color of the tooth. An attachment makes it possible for your SmartTrack aligners to twist, pull, lift, and push the teeth with much greater precision. Your dentist may recommend you these attachments right at the beginning or in the middle of
the treatment.

What the cost does not include

Before undergoing any orthodontic treatment dentally you must be fit and sound. So if you have not been to a dentist in recent times for a routine check-up, it is high time you should go. If there is any need for you to undergo treatments for tooth decay or gum disease, make sure to have those treatments done. As a usual practice patients are recommended to visit a dental hygienist both before and during any orthodontic treatment. Invisalign is no exception. This is really important because clean, happy, and healthy teeth are known to move much more freely compared to the rest. These hygiene appointments are
usually covered by your Invisalign fee although treatments for decayed teeth and infected gums are separately charged. Even the cost of retainers is calculated separately and is not covered in your Invisalign treatment cost. Retainers are not usually included because a lot of options are there for a patient to choose from. The range of appliances comes in varying
prices. You never know in advance who chooses what. This is why this cost is kept separately and not included in the actual treatment cost.

Cost of the procedure

Most oral health practices are following smart business strategies these days. They quote an Invisalign fee that includes all the crucial aspects of the procedure, namely all the appointments, adjustments, emergencies, attachments, IPR, and others. Thus their offers often prove irresistible. On average the treatment starts around £1,500 and goes up to £5,500. Moreover, as far as Invisalign treatment cost in the UK is concerned there exist easy payment facilities and other finance options to make sure the treatment is easily affordable for everyone.

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