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Eros fitness: Log into 6 Unique Ways to Get Healthier and Fitter Life TODAY!

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Eros Fitness


Eros fitness has been known for decades, but now it is friendly, conventional, and well regulated by science. Eros is a modern gym that shed light on the power of sensuality, which in turn motivate people to live a more healthy and positive life. As the pandemic year, 2020 has taught us that health and fitness are very essential in one’s life. Fitness devotees LURA and ALEX founded Eros fitness in 2018. They established a platform for the people who see their fitness and well-being as a lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss the workout essentials that are vital to physical and mental health.

Why it is important.

As Maya Angelou said, “Nothing will work unless you do”. So, when you develop standards for living a healthy lifestyle, you become more disciplined, focused, and adaptable. Eros success lies in the fact that it is far different from typical gyms. Eros also provides such classes for those couples who want to make their relationship better.

However, a lack of physical and mental health leads to devastating relationships. It enables you to appear as an improved version of yourself for your loved ones and self-love. Muscle flexibility and strength is the main goal of exercise. Consequently, our muscles perform effectively leading to enhanced tolerance levels and overall performance. Therefore, having so many wonders, eros is becoming popular among fitness seekers day by day.

Here we consider five unique ways to get fuller life.

  1. Schedule your practice at home first:

 The most worthwhile benefit of Eros fitness is that you need not get a fixed place for starting the workout. You can start at your home, at your gym, and where you feel comfortable and energetic. You can instruct your body, mind, and soul without any hesitation and judgment.

  • Make a timetable:

 Above all, you have to adjust a tight schedule and then adhere to it. Just be confident, and you can achieve your perfect body shape.

  • Try different exercises: First sign into simple exercises such as:
  1. Use dumbbells
  2. Try yoga set
  3. Exercise band

With little investment, you can buy all these things from any online store. Usually, dumbbells come in a set of six (2-8pounds) at a reasonable price. The yoga set comprises a sweat towel, yoga mat, and two yoga blocks. Infusing yoga with your regular exercises like running, swimming, weight lifting, and dancing can furnish productive and healthy results. The use of an exercise band creates resistance in movement; engages more muscles, thus making them more stronger. After a few weeks, you will find a big difference in your body shape and endurance level.

  • Have patience

Without having patience, do not expect to accomplish any task. For achieving long time goals patience is a key factor.

  1. Get in touch with Smartphone apps:

Even though we are living in a modern era, purchasing a gym membership is of no use. Owing to the development of technology, the recognition of smart apps is the finest way to save money on instruments. The introduction of a smartphone app in our fitness life is time-saving. We do not need to go outside for regular workouts. Besides, we can download a free app from the internet.

  • Daily yoga app

This app is for yoga lovers. Many yoga sessions and numerous yoga poses are available on this app. The paid version is also available for all fitness levels.

  • Nike training club

This app is rich in features. When you log in the first time, you have to fill out a questionnaire about your fitness level. Following this app will recommend you exercise, which you might need.

  • Map my fitness
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This app is for beginners who want to keep a record of their every workout. The most exciting feature of this app is that it can monitor the intensity of your very first workout, even when you are randomly walking. So just grab your phone and install the app now.

  • Strava 

Strava is the world of fitness enthusiasts and competitors. Dive in the pool of fitness devotees, while having fun, see who is running long miles or who is burning more fats. . Discuss, have sweaty sessions, challenge your mates and get healthier and smarter.

  1. Use wearable devices: 

Wearable devices like smartwatches and Oura rings have their advantages. Now a day’s people are relying on them.

  • Smartwatches

Many companies like Samsung, Google, and Apple have introduced Eros gym via smartwatches. These watches can guide you during your workout and record your heartbeat, body temperature, and calories. It also provides you with personalized notifications. For example, the apple watch is the best option.

  • Oura ring  3

Oura ring 3 is the tiniest fitness tracker, easy to wear. It is usually made of platinum and lighter. Its battery life is generally 5-7 days. Oura ring 3 monitors heartbeat, guide audios, videos and also track sleep patterns.  This ring can give 24/7 insights into our motion, sleep, and recovery habits.

  1. Pole dancing is becoming a thing:

As Alison Hudd, founder of Pole People, said in an interview;

“It’s about getting stronger, developing your confidence, and being proud of what your body is capable of doing—because it can do so much more than you’d ever thought possible.”

Pole dancing is an intensive complete body workout, which targets your core, thighs and your upper body. Infusing pole dancing into exercise is taking over the mainstream fitness industry. With a single pole exercise, you experience a complete body workout; gripping the pole tightly in your hand, moving your legs, and twisting your body bring you in the desired shape.

  1. Eros fitness provides smart gyms to their valued clients
  • For its valued clients, Eros fitness furnishes peloton bikes and Pleton bike+.
  • Peloton bikes are a combination of various useful features.
  • Moreover, they also provide numerous interactive sessions on HD touch screens.

  1. Monitor your workout in front of the mirror:

 Installing large mirrors on the wall and working out in front of it can boost your confidence in the right way, as they act as private trainers without being judgmental.

Benefits of Eros fitness:

Here we see some benefits:

  • Good cardiovascular health
  • Manage your insulin level and blood sugar
  • Enhanced leadership qualities
  • Increase self-endurance
  • Provide the best version of you in front of your loved ones
  • Enable you to make your relationships better
  • Help in controlling your weight
  • Boost your thinking and learning ability
  • Help in quitting bad habits
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved balance and coordination
  • Better sleep quality


Eros fitness is a workout for the mind, body as well as soul, leading to improving the worth of life. The most exciting feature of Eros is that it has introduced 20 min cardio exercise. As it is rightly said, empower your learning and wisdom through Eros. According to experts, giving so much emphasis on physical exercise will lead to burnout. Therefore, I suggest you end up exhausting physical and mental exercise and aim to change your way, of adopting Eros fitness. In the coming years, we can expect to see an outstanding development in this industry. Try hard today so that your future self will thank you.

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