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All you need to know about Tom Cruise

by Ben Abbot
tom cruise

Tom Cruise is a well-known celebrity who does not need any introduction since he is still working to amaze the audience. However, if you are not familiar with where he was born or in which movies, he worked then here’s all you need to know about Tom Cruise! 

Name, Birth, and Parents 

Tom Cruise’s original name is Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, but on stage, he is popular with just Tom Cruise. On July 3, 1962, he was born in Syncrude United States of America. His father was an electrical engineer known as Thomas Cruise Mapother III and his mother was a teacher at the special children’s Institute, the name of his mother was Marry Lee. His father died in 1984 when Cruise was only 22 years old while his mother died in 2017 at the age of 81.    

Siblings and Cousin  

There are three sisters of Cruise named Marian, Lee Anne, and Cass. His cousin William is a professional actor too who along with Cruise appeared in five films.  


By profession, he is an actor as well as a producer. It is noteworthy that he is among the actors who are paid the highest around the world.  

Early Life and Education 

In 1971, Cruise’s father was posted to Canada to work as a consultant of defense in Canada, thus as a result whole family had to shift there. For his grade fourth and fifth grades he joined Hopkins Public School in Ottawa. His first involvement in the drama was in grade 4 which was directed by Steinburg. Only he along with other 6 boys were selected for IT Music in the Elementary School Drama Festival. He joined Henry Munro middle school for his sixth-grade education but at that time his parents got separated and his brought her children to the USA with herself. His father died of cancer in 1984 and his mother was married to Jack South. The cruise took a scholarship from the catholic church to attend Seth Frances Academy Ohio; he wanted to be a priest there but was thrown out from there for taking an interest in drinking. He changed a total of 15 schools in 14 years. He was interested in playing football when he was in high school but again he was caught with beer and expelled from the team. He graduated from Glenridge which is a high school in New Jersey.  

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Acting Career 

Cruise made it to New York with the blessing of his stepfather and mother for starting his acting career. He started working as a busser there but suddenly he made it to  Los Angeles for a television role. He got the role in the film after signing with CAA. In 1981 he started his professional acting career with the film Endless Love, and in 1983 he got the leading role in burlesque movies. Though, he became more popular for his role in the movie The Color of Money which was released in 1986 and Rain Man which was released in 1989 further polished his acting career. In the 1990s he was a well-known popular actor and acted in several successful movies including A Few Good Men (1992), The Firm(1993), Interview with the Vampire (1994) which was a horror film, and the romantic movie of 1996, Jerry Maguire. His most successful movies were Mission Impossible from 1996 to 2018 in which his name was Ethan Hunt.  


Tom received Golden Globe Award for his acting as Ron Kovic. He was also nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor. Cruise received Golden Globe Award as well as a nomination for Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his motivational speaking in the film Magnolia (1999).  

Personal Life 

Cruise was in a relationship with multiple women in the mid-1980s, the women were in 1987, Tom Cruise got married to Mimi Roger and gave her divorce on 4-2-1990. Cruise met with her in Scientology where she was working as an auditor. Cruise married Nicole Kidman who worked in the 1990 movie Day of Thunder. The marriage took place on 24-12 -1990. They adopted Connor and Isabella as children. Cruise went to court to file divorced against Kidmann in 2001 when she was pregnant, the miscarriage ended that pregnancy. Afterward, she claimed that it was an ectopic pregnancy. After Kidman, Cruise’s next romantic link was with Penelope Cruz who acted in Vanilla Sky in 2001 with the cruise. The end of this relationship was just three years in 2004. 

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