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All you need to know about Patrick Swayze Son

by Ben Abbot

The late American star Patrick Swayze had only one child, and that was the actor, Jason Whittle. When it was discovered that Patrick had such a child, it came as a surprise to the Movie scene. Reports said that Jason was an illegitimate son that Patrick had kept a secret from Jason. 

A one-night affair between Bonnie Kay, who has been underage during that period as well as Patrick Swayze, who was 20 years old at the time, is rumored to have resulted in the birth of Jason. Unfortunately, Bonnie died suddenly in 2012 from cancer, but it is said that she shared the news of their kid with her husband as she went away. 

At first, it was thought that Jason did not come from the famous man who was the parent of the big celebrity. But in order to disprove this, he had a DNA test done. In her defense, Patrick’s wife Lisa Niemi contends that her husband does not have a son and also that the allegations are untrue. 

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Was there any kind of inheritance waiting for Jason Whittle from Patrick Swayze? 

As a legitimate successor, Jason is entitled to a portion of the $40 million in estates that were left to him by his late father. However, Lisa Swayze, who was married to Patrick Swayze during his lifetime, asserts that her late husband has no right to the bequest. According to her, Jason is not truly Patrick’s son, and as a result, he has no right to claim any portion of the actor’s fortune. As of the month of March in 2021, this matter has not yet been resolved by the courts. 

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What kind of work does Jason Whittle conduct in the real world? 

Jason is a former player in the sport of American football. When he was in high school, he discovered that he enjoyed playing football and began doing it on a regular basis. He continued to enjoy the game when playing for Southwest Missouri State in college. After playing for his collegiate team, he went on to have a successful career in the National Football League (NFL), where he was a member of the New York Giants, Minnesota Vikings, as well as Buffalo Bills. He is currently employed as a real estate broker in Osage Beach, Missouri, and now he has taken on the well-known surname of Swayze in addition to his own. 

Is Patrick Swayze Jr. also an actor in his own right? 

The Patrick Swayze son is not involved in the acting industry. Instead, he had a distinguished career as a player in the sport of American football and has now transitioned into the real estate industry. Jason has been named to the Academic All-GFC team three times. 

How much money does Jason Whittle have had in the bank? 

As of the year 2018, it is projected that Jason has a net worth that falls between $400,000 and $600,000. The real number has not been confirmed by any of the sources. It is because of his accomplishments on the football field and in the real estate industry, he is deserving of this.

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