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Kelly Clarkson Net Worth – Is She Really Worth the Hype?

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Kelly Clarkson Net Worth

If you’re curious about the total worth of Kelly Clarkson, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at her real estate holdings, writing career, and TV show earnings. This article will also provide some background information about Clarkson’s family and net worth. You’ll be able to judge whether or not her net worth is worth the hype and what her future looks like.

Kelly Clarkson’s Real Estate Holdings

While you may not know it, Kelly Clarkson has amassed an impressive real estate portfolio. The reality TV star bought a $8.5 million estate in California in 2018, but sold it for a loss in 2021. In addition to her Los Angeles mansion, she owns a 275-acre ranch in Montana. In October 2013, she married Brandon Backstock and welcomed two children. Her net worth continues to increase with each new investment.

The real estate that Kelly Clarkson has acquired over the years is diverse, including a three-million-dollar mansion in New York City, a $2 million-dollar cabin in Montana, and an 8.5-million-dollar house in Encino, California. While many other celebrities have built up a hefty portfolio, Kelly Clarkson has chosen to make her real estate assets as diverse as possible.

TV Career

While most people focus on her music and singing, Kelly Clarkson has been earning a good sum of money from her TV and movie career. As a judge on the popular singing competition show “The Voice”, Kelly earns an estimated $14 million a season. Additionally, she has signed endorsement deals with Wayfair and Candies Shoes, which have brought in some serious money. In addition, her TV career has earned her a solid amount of money as well.

After high school, Kelly Clarkson opted to record a demo reel for a record label. She worked at various jobs in order to fund recording sessions and was also a cocktail waitress in comedy clubs. Her record label contracts began to pour in, and she ended up winning the competition. However, she was initially hesitant to accept them due to fear that she would be marketed to advertisers. The pressure eventually wore off, and Kelly became a huge star.

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Writing Career

One of the major contributing factors to Kelly Clarkson’s astronomical net worth is her writing career. While she’s mostly known for her children’s books, her net worth is equally impressive. The divorce proceedings between Clarkson and Brandon began in 2020, with the singer filing for divorce under the grounds of irreconcilable differences. The two subsequently settled their case, with Clarkson retaining primary custody of their children and Blackstock receiving weekend visitation.

The singer-songwriter has earned over thirty million dollars in royalties from the royalties on her songs. Her enviable success has also led her to sell her Tennessee mansion for $8.75 million. She’s also a great property investor, having purchased a 275-acre ranch in Montana for $2 million in 2015.

Spousal Support Payment

While it is a shocking amount for any celebrity to pay to her former spouse, Kelly Clarkson must pay R2,8 million every month to her ex-husband Brandon. Clarkson is reportedly paid $195,601 a month in spousal support and an additional $45,601 a month for child support. She must also pay the former NBA player R665 000 in legal fees. The divorce settlement also requires Clarkson to pay R2,8 million a month to Brandon. He is still the primary custodial of the children. But his legal fees and other charges could push Kelly Clarkson’s child support payments to an all-time high.

Clarkson, who has a net worth of $45 million, will pay Blackstock $115,000 a month as spousal support until January 2024. The former couple had previously agreed to split all other assets, including family pets and livestock. The couple also agreed to keep Clarkson’s two Montana properties. The settlement is not final and Clarkson has yet to move into her new home.

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