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RX7 Vs RX8 – Which Car is Better?

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RX7 Vs RX8

If you are looking for a car to replace your old one, you might consider an RX7 vs an RX8. The Mazda RX7 is more reliable and has a better track record. The RX8 is less reliable and will require an engine change before 100k miles. Read on to discover which car is better. And if you can’t decide between the two, try this guide to decide!

FD3S engine swap

The RX7 is one of the best handling cars in the world and requires a certain amount of talent to drive at its limits. The original 13B-REW engine is simply too heavy for the Mazda. A lighter FD3S engine would be ideal in this situation. If you’re looking for an engine swap for your RX7, you’ve come to the right place. The 3rd-generation FD3S engine swap has the best performance.

The FD3S engine puts out more power than the Mazda RX8’s standard rotary engine. Its 232-hp naturally aspirated engine has been called the best rotary engine ever made. The RX7’s chassis is comparable to that of the Porsche 911 of its day. However, the RX8 has a terrible reputation with flooding problems, and prices are already rising.

Moving the engine and trans is not an easy job. It would require a custom lower intake manifold, which increases the cost of the project. Also, the stock twin turbos are not compatible with the rx8 frame rail. Fortunately, there are plenty of single turbo kits available that are cheap and work well. These kits will give you a more powerful Rx8 than the stock model.

Rx8 chassis stiffness

The Mazda RX-8 is a sports car with class-leading chassis stiffness. Its low moment of inertia, low center of gravity, and high stiffness allow it to have excellent balance compared to other road cars. It seats four comfortably and comes with a decent trunk. It has the same nominal mileage as the Porsche 911. However, the RX8 offers better performance and handling than the Porsche.

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Torsional rigidity is measured in nm/deg, which means the amount of torque needed to bend a chassis one degree. The lower the nm/deg, the stiffer the suspension. In addition, strut braces improve the chassis’ rigidity. Changing the RX7 suspension to the RX-8 suspension will result in a noticeable difference in handling and performance.

Mazda improved the RX-8’s handling in November 2008. The company added a trapezoidal shock tower brace, extended the front suspension tower, and revised the rear suspension geometry. The suspension of the RX-8 offers improved torsional stiffness over the RX-7, but this car does not have sliding bushings that affect toe. This makes the car more stable, but it limits the ability to use advanced throttle input.

Low moment of inertia

One key difference between the RX7 and the RX8 is their low moment of inertia. While both cars have excellent handling, the RX-7 has an easier time turning and a lower centre of gravity. The RX8 also has an improved steering feel, thanks to the more precise power delivery. If you’re thinking about upgrading your RX8’s suspension, consider purchasing a kit that includes an underdrive pulley. The RX7’s pulley system is much simpler to install than the RX8’s. It uses less horsepower from the crank and puts more power to the wheels.

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